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What's Happening in 4th Grade for October!
We finished our study of arrays, factors, and multiplicative comparisons in Unit 1.  We are currently working on our second unit pertaining to data and measurement.  Our investigation of measurement began by gathering data on the height of fourth graders and first graders.  The students then learn how to represent and compare the data they collected using bar graphs and line plots (high, low, range, median, mode, outliers, and is the data clumped or spread out).  Finally, they worked on drawing conclusions based on the data collected. What was typical and what does the data truly tell us  regarding the information collected.  Within the next couple weeks, we will begin Unit 3 (multiple towers and cluster problems).  This involves multi-digit multiplication and division.

Science Students are currently researching their chosen endangered animal that exists in our world and how human behavior impacts their ecosystems and the animals and pl…

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